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“Supporting Those Who Defend Our Nation and Pioneering New Horizons”

Our company has been engaged in defense-related business as the sole entity within the Marubeni Group since October 1998. In the defense business, we handle not only in Aviation but also Ground and Maritime regions. Additionally, in the civilian business, we focus not only on aircraft sales but also on charter services and maintenance for business jets. Furthermore, we actively promote initiatives in the space field, contributing to the socioeconomic development and national security while enhancing safety and quality of life for people.

In accordance with the Marubeni Group’s corporate philosophy of “Sei, Shin, Wa”, which means Fairness, Innovation, and Harmony, we uphold the following principles:

Fairness (正): We adhere to fairness, rules, and compliance.
Innovation (新): We constantly challenge ourselves, seeking creative solutions.
Harmony (和): We respect each other’s individuality and leverage teamwork to strengthen our organizational capabilities.
With the vision of “Supporting those who defend our nation and pioneering new horizons,” we, as a united team , strive to excel in our duties.

As the environment around us continues to evolve, we have launched a medium-to-long-term management plan starting in 2024. Committed to compliance with laws and regulations and maintaining integrity toward society, we fearlessly embrace new endeavors. We remain dedicated to continuous transformation and evolution, contributing to the safety and well-being of people while making a positive impact on socioeconomic and security aspects.

President & C.E.O. Satoru Nakagawa