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We provide composite materials and structural adhesives manufactured by Composite Materials Division, (Formerly known as Cytec Engineered Materials Inc.), in Solvay with headquarters in Belgium These advanced materials are mainly used for the fuselage, wings, structural parts and interior of aircraft. The materials are imported by us, delivered to Japanese manufacturers to be fabricated into components, and then supplied to major overseas aircraft manufacturers.

Composite Materials, Structural Adhesives

The composite materials are classified as below.
・"Carbon prepreg" which uses carbon fiber
・"Glass prepreg" which uses glass fiber
・"Kevlar prepreg" which uses Kevlar fiber
Plying fiber-reinforced plastic sheet materials in many layers creates materials from which lightweight and durable components can be manufactured. Such composite materials are widely used in making the modern aircraft fuselage. Structural adhesives are a film material with very strong bonding. Using them between aluminum plates, to cite one example, contributes to both weight reduction and increased rigidity. Composite materials and structural adhesives have been used extensively in commercial aircraft, military aircraft and launch vehicles where they are highly valued for their many uses and also because they contribute to CO2 reduction by reducing the weight of aircraft. In addition to aerospace these materials are widely used in other industrial fields, and demand is expected to continue growing in the future.