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Space Equipment

The space industry is entering a revolutionary period. As the industry is shifting from being government-led to private-led, the trend towards more cost effective and smaller launchers and satellites along with the global surge of IoT and Big data is expanding derivative businesses. We offer a wide range of product lines that are at the forefront of this revolution, such as remote sensing technology, satellite bus components, and space situational awareness products.

Satellite Mission Equipment

The Imager designed and produced by our business partner, Harris, is installed in the weather observation satellites Himawari 8 and Himawari 9. They distribute images from a geo-stationary orbit not only to Japan, but also to Asia and Oceania, contributing greatly to the international community. In addition, Harris’s greenhouse gas observation sensor acts as the “eye” of Japan’s Greenhouse gases Observation SATellite-2 (GOSAT-2) by collecting data to predict climate change, a topic that is of worldwide concern.

About Harris space payloads and electronics:

*Image Source: (Photo 1: Japan Meteorological Agency Website, Photo 2: Mitsubishi Electric Corp.)

Satellite Bus Equipment

The satellite's main body (rigid body) is called a satellite bus. We supply satellite bus equipment produced by U.S. based Honeywell International Inc. to local satellite manufacturers. Our product lines are CMG (Control Moment Gyroscope), RWA (Reaction Wheel Assembly) for controlling satellite position, and the Vibration Isolator for suppressing vibration generated inside the satellite.

* Image Source: (Honeywell)

Space Situational Awareness

With the increase in the quantity of space debris, the operational risk of satellites is rising. Using superior optical sensor technology, Electro Optic Systems Limited of Australia provides monitoring data obtained from ground stations not only to Australia but also to the U.S. government. Due to the increasing necessity of monitoring space for risk management of commercial satellites and for the national security of Japan, we are extensively introducing this outstanding technology.

*Image Source: (EOS)