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We offer various kinds of electronic equipment for airplanes that are indispensable for flight comfort and safety. Inertial Navigation Systems (INS) calculate position without external radio assistance, weather radar uses radio waves to detect bad weather conditions such as rain clouds, EVS uses an infrared camera to support flights operating while under poor visibility during nighttime, and satellite communication systems enable worldwide communication, etc.

INS(Inertial Navigation System)

INS enables self-contained navigation by calculating the attitude and position without assistance from external radio waves. INS by Honeywell detects angular velocity and acceleration via accelerometer and gyroscope, and it uses those data to calculate the attitude and position of the aircraft. INS is used not only for aircraft but also for vessels and land vehicles. In particular the INS with ring laser gyro are installed in a large number of aircraft due to their superior accuracy.

Weather Radar For Airplane

The weather radar on the aircraft emits radio waves to detect rain and lightning, etc. by analyzing electric waves reflected from the rain in the atmosphere. The weather radar made by Honeywell is mainly installed on the nose of the aircraft, and enables safe navigation through accurate analysis of bad weather.

SATCOM (Satellite Communications)

The SATCOM antenna system is essential to allow aircraft to send audio, videos and images via communication satellites. Communication via communication satellites is particularly indispensable on international routes. We offer the latest model satellite communication equipment made by Canadian company CMC Electronics Inc., enabling high-speed data transmission that is highly valued by major airline companies in Japan.