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Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department Helicopter

EH-101 Helicopter, operated by the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Aviation Unit and well known as the “Oozora 1” for about 20 years, was jointly developed by Italy and the United Kingdom and is manufactured by EH Industries Ltd. (the present Leonardo S.p.A. AW-101 Helicopter), and has been imported by Marubeni Aerospace as a completed production aircraft. It was the first AW-101 series aircraft started operation in Japan.


Currently, more than 200 AW-101 (formerly EH-101) Helicopters are operated by the navies and the air forces of NATO countries such as Italy, the United Kingdom, and also by other countries. Among these helicopters, the only commercial AW-101 has been operated by the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Aviation Unit.
Thanks to its long flight range, the aircraft has been deployed for patrolling and search and rescue operations, and with its high transport capacity, the helicopter has been contributed to disaster relief operations. With its large cabin and the ACSR (Active Control of Structural Response) that reduces vibration by generating anti-phase vibration, it provides comfortable cabin conditions suitable for VVIP transportation, and the helicopter has been used to transport VVIPs on remote island visits and others. We have provided after-sales support for nearly 20 years, since 1999, as a distributor of Leonardo in Japan. From February 2019, the EH-101 operated by the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Aviation Unit has been donated to AICHI Museum of Flight and exhibited.