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Just as a car engine starts with the motive power of the motor, so an aircraft engine requires an auxiliary power source to start from a stationary state. An APU (Auxiliary Power Unit), which is indispensable not only for starting the engines but also for generating alternative power in the event of emergencies, is one of the main products we offer. The history of U.S. company Honeywell International Inc.’s (Hereafter, Honeywell) APUs used in Japan's aircraft is long, and they are installed in various aircraft in Japan to this day.


131-9 Series APUs are made by Honeywell International Incorporated, and are installed on the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force's P-1 patrol aircraft and the Japan Air Self-Defense Force’s C-2 transport aircraft. The 131-9 Series is also installed on commercial aircraft (Boeing 737, Airbus A 320, etc.) and is also famous for being the APU which played a role in the “Miracle on The Hudson" incident that occurred in 2009.

*Image Source: (Photo 2: JMSDF Website, Photo 3: JASDF Website)


The US-2, the rescue flying boat operated by the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force, is an amphibious aircraft, which, as the words "Aviation" and "Vessel" imply, is an aircraft with STOL capabilities, in other words it is able to land and take off not only using very short land runways but also from water. During ocean rescue activities it is necessary to fly at low altitudes and at low speeds for long periods. The RE220SJ APU made by Honeywell International Incorporated, supports the boundary layer control devices and engines which give the aircraft these performance capabilities, and is another one of the main products we provide.

*Image Source:(Photo 2: JMSDF Website)


The APU installed in the P-3C, which has been the main patrol aircraft of the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force since 1981, is a Honeywell 95 series APU that we offer. Honeywell's 85 Series APU is installed into both the C-1, which has been serving as a domestic developed transport aircraft for the Japan Air Self-Defense Force since 1975, and the C-130H transport aircraft, introduced from the U.S., and continues to support long flights.

*Image Source: (Photo 1: JMSDF Website, Photo 2, 3: JASDF Website)