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We mainly handle engines made by U.S. company Honeywell International Inc. for our helicopters. They are used by our customers such as the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force, Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force, Japan Air Self-Defense Force, local governments, and private operators. The helicopters are used for a wide range of operations, from transport of goods and personnel to emergency services, disaster prevention and attacks on tanks.
We continually strive to maintain and improve highly valued qualities such as superior reliability, low cost of maintenance and a dependable parts supply.


The T55 engine made by Honeywell International Inc. is licensed domestically to Kawasaki Heavy Industries Limited and is a high-power engine chosen for CH-47 transport helicopters operated by the Japan Air Self-Defense Force and Japan Ground Self-Defense Force.
Although it is generally used for goods and personnel transport between military bases, it is regularly deployed in times of disasters due to its high transport capacity. It was dispatched not only for relief of domestic disasters such as the Great Hanshin Awaji Earthquake, the Niigata Prefecture Chuetsu Earthquake, and the East Japan Great Earthquake, but also in relief efforts of overseas disasters such as the Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami, and flooding in Pakistan. Since beginning operation in 1986, we have been improving the engine and conducting model development repeatedly in order to meet our clients’ requests.

*Image Source: (Photo 2: JGSDF Website, Photo 3: JASDF Website)


The T53 engine made by Honeywell International Inc. is licensed domestically by Kawasaki Heavy Industries Limited, and is installed on the UH-1J Multi-Purpose Helicopters and the AH-1S Attack Helicopters operated by the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force. It is currently being used in 190 aircraft (according to the Annual Defense White Paper in 2017). It is also installed on the Bell 204B commercial helicopter, and has earned high praise from our clients for its high reliability and low cost of maintenance since 1967.

*Image Source: (Photo 2: JGSDF Website)


The CTS800 Engine is made by the U.S. company LHTEC, and was originally developed for military helicopters. Currently it is installed on the US-2, Rescue Flying Boat of the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force as the Boundary Layer Control (BLC) engine.
With this engine, it is possible for the US-2 to fly at extremely low speeds and to take off from or land on water at extremely short distances. Due to a sophisticated design that allows it to withstand demanding missions, the CTS800 engine is exceptionally reliable, and it has received high assessments by our clients.

*Image Source: (Photo 2: JMSDF Website)