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There is a great variety of components and parts installed on the Japan Self-Defense Force’s aircraft that contribute to flight missions directly and indirectly. Below we will introduce some of the unique products for which we serve as distributor.

Sonobuoy Launcher

As an island country, securing the safety of the territorial sea is a very important mission for Japan. One of the aircraft that plays a key role in this ongoing mission is the P-1 patrol aircraft, operated by the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force.
We support the Sonobuoy Launcher made by Honeywell International Inc., equipment that allows the P-1 to play a key role in anti-submarine patrol missions.

*Image Source: (JMSDF Website)

POU(Portable Oxygen Unit)

A POU is a portable oxygen supply unit installed in an aircraft. We import the components for it from Honeywell International Inc. and deliver it to domestic manufacturers. Once assembled and manufactured by domestic manufacturers the POUs are installed on the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force’s P-1 patrol aircraft and Japan Air Self-Defense Force’s C-2 transport aircraft.

*Image Source: (Photo 1:JMSDF Website, Photo 2:JASDF Website)