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Defense Equipment


Parachutes used for airborne operations and rescue activities.
Infrared detectors crucial to surveillance operations. Our products listed below are used on the frontlines.


The parachutes made by U.S. company Airborne Systems North America are used as personal equipment by the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force and Japan Air Self-Defense Force.
They come in different variations and have high specifications that can meet the requirements of each organization’s training regimes and missions. Airborne Systems also produces parachutes for cargo use. It provides parachutes for all kinds of applications, from a disposable low-cost type, to a large-size type capable of transporting cargo weighing 4 tons or more, to an autonomous transport type that features a GPS guiding function. Parachutes produced by this company have been widely used by military organizations all over the world.

*Image Source: (Photo 1, 3: Airborne Systems, Photo 2: JGSDF Website)

Infrared Detector

The Infrared detector we offer is made by France’s Lynred SAS, which is a worldwide manufacturer of high-performance infrared imaging solutions.
The products in Lynred's wide ranging portfolio cover the spectrum from visible to very far Infrared. Lynred develops and manufactures high performance infrared detectors with the sophisticated technology of Mercury Cadmium Telluride (MCT), Indium Antimonide (Insb), Quantum Well Infrared Photodetectors (QWIP), Indium Gallium Arsenide (InGaAs) and Amorphous-Silicon Microbolometers. Lynred’s products are used in night vision equipment and warning devices that are indispensable for surveillance activities.

*Image Source : (Lynred)