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For Land Vehicle

Equipment that detects and identifies biological agents, installed in land vehicles used for evaluating the situation at a special disaster site. As a trading company dealing with defense related products, we handle not only aerospace products but also land vehicle products.

JBPDS (Joint Biological Point Detection System)

After disasters such as the 1995 Tokyo Subway Sarin Gas Attack, 2001 U.S. Anthrax Attacks, 2011 Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Incident, responding to CBRN * (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear) disasters has become essential for our peace and security. The JBPDS, made by U.S. company Chemring Sensors & Electronic Systems Inc. and offered through us, is a biological agent detection and identification system designed to deal with the B (Biological) aspect of CBRN. This equipment, when installed in a land vehicle, will contribute to appropriate decontamination and evacuation efforts by analyzing atmospheric constituents, as well as detecting and identifying toxic viruses and bacteria at a disaster site.

※*Note: CBRN stands for Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear. Such disasters are called CBRN disasters.